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Ostomy & Intimacy

In the weeks, or even months, following ostomy surgery, it may feel uncomfortable or awkward to engage in intimate activity with your partner. Much of this discomfort may have to do with body image, or concern for how your ostomy appliances might get in the way of intimate moments. Those feelings are natural.  But there are several ostomy accessory products that can help you feel more secure during intimate moments. Read more

Famous People with Diabetes

Diabetes may mean a change in lifestyle, but it doesn’t have to slow you down or keep you from achieving your goals. Through the years, diabetes has affected famous athletes, musicians, politicians, actors, reporters, business moguls, inventors, novelists, comedians and foreign dignitaries. Here is a partial list of some names you probably know. Read more

Quick Tips – Submitting PWOs

At Edgepark/UroMed, our goal is to provide you a streamlined ordering process, free of followup calls to obtain additional information. Here are a few quick tips when sending your patient’s order, to help avoid any delays in their supply delivery.   Read more

Powerful New Tools to Streamline the Ordering Process

You asked for it, you got it! We’ve made some key changes to our ordering process, based on suggestions and comments we received from health care professionals like you. These improvements will reduce the time you spend placing orders, so you can focus on what’s most important – caring for your patients. Read more

What the New Year means for your Insurance Coverage

Last month, we talked about how to optimize your insurance benefits before the end of the year. This month we will discuss what typically happens with your insurance at the beginning of the year, and how this may affect what you pay when ordering supplies. Read more

Year-End Opportunity to Maximize Your Insurance Benefits

Early December is the optimal time to put in one last order for your supplies before the end of the year. Depending on your insurance, if you have met your annual deductible, your supplies at this time may be covered at the lowest copay, or perhaps at no cost, depending on your coverage. Wait until January 1, and you’ll have to start fulfilling your deductible again, potentially paying higher, or full, cost for supplies. Read more

Fitness Corner: Staying Active During the Holidays


Make regular exercise part of your holiday schedule by involving your family in your workouts. You’ll keep yourself fit and create lasting memories. Read more

Featured Recipe: Apple-Raisin Muffins


Try these healthy, delicious muffins! Read more

Enjoying the holidays when you have an ostomy

If this is your first holiday season with an ostomy, there are some things you may want to consider when traveling to visit family and navigating your way through the seemingly endless stream of holiday treats. Here are some tips to keep your holidays happy. Read more

Featured Recipe: Quick Sesame Green Beans

Green Beans

Try this alternative to the traditional creamed green bean casserole. Read more