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Benefits of Good Posture


When you spend a lot of time sitting down – whether you are in a wheelchair or you spend your entire workday sitting in front of a computer – it can cause many complications. These include back, neck and joint pain, skin sores and trouble breathing.

By trying to use good posture, along with daily exercise, stretching and deep breathing techniques, you can have less pain, fewer skin problems and more energy. Plus, you’ll be able to breathe deeper and more easily, digest your food better and experience better blood flow.

Good Posture Checklist:

Here are some good posture rules to follow if you will be sitting down for an extended period of time. Caretakers also can follow these guidelines for the proper positioning of someone in a wheelchair.

  • Head in the middle of the shoulders and not leaning to one side
  • Head held up to form a straight line with the spine, with the chin pointed down a little
  • Shoulders loose, arms free to move
  • Chest lifted and not leaning forward
  • Trunk held up, with no space between the middle of the back and the back of the chair
  • Pelvis upright and level or a little forward, leaving a small space between the base of the back and the back of the chair
  • Thighs and legs separated from each other
  • Knees and ankles at right angles
  • Feet flat on floor or footrest and pointing straight forward