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Making the Most of Your Insurance Benefits


Reviewing your health insurance policy on a regular basis can help you better understand your coverage and medical supply limits. Because insurance benefits typically reset after the New Year, December is the ideal time to go over your plan to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. For example, you may find that you’ve met your annual deductible amount or that you are still eligible for additional medical supplies based on your annual plan limits. In both instances, you may incur less out-of-pocket expenses when reordering medical supplies in December.

These questions and answers will help you understand how your health insurance deductible works and how you can take full advantage of your policy.

What is a health insurance deductible?
Put simply, this is the fixed amount you, the insured individual, pay for your medical visits and prescription supplies based on your policy plan before your insurer begins covering costs. Most insurance plans have a yearly maximum out-of-pocket cost for policyholders. So the costs you pay over the year whittle away at your overall deductible. This deductible typically resets at the beginning of each year.

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How do copays work with a deductible?
This depends on your health insurance policy. You may pay what’s called a copay (“copayment”) for doctor’s visits, appointments with medical specialists, emergency room visits and when filling a prescription. These copays typically do not apply toward your deductible; they are a separate expense.

Often you can find your copay costs listed directly on your health insurance card.

How do I find out how much of my deductible has been met for the year?
Call your health insurance provider to review your account details, including whether you’ve reached your annual deductible amount.

You might also want to ask about your medical supply limits to make sure you understand your annual eligible limits for the medical supplies you need. Orders for supplies exceeding these limits might not be covered by your insurance without special documentation from your doctor.

If I’ve met my deductible, what can I do to maximize my benefits?
Consider ordering additional medical supplies or filling on-going prescriptions before year’s end (within your eligible annual limits).

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Your Edgepark Customer Care Representative may also be able to review your plan with you to help you understand what medical benefits you have remaining for the year. Please call Edgepark at 1-800-321-0591 for more information.