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Picnic Precautions for Diabetics


Backyard picnics and barbecues are an enjoyable part of the summer months. When attending these get-togethers, people with diabetes should keep a few things in mind:

  • Bring a dish. Since you won’t know what is in many of the foods, make something diabetic-friendly to take with you and share with guests.
  • Look before you eat. Walk through the buffet line first, without a plate and decide on what you really want to eat instead of loading up right away.
  • Pack on the produce. Fill your plate with vegetables instead of carbohydrate-laden foods like chips and pasta salad.
  • Drink water. Alcohol and caffeinated beverages have diuretic effects; choose calorie-free water instead.
  • Play ball. Work a little exercise into your meal by taking breaks to play active games with other guests. Frisbee, anyone?