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Featured Product: Control Solution


It’s important for people with diabetes to have accurate results when it comes to monitoring blood glucose levels. Blood glucose meters can be a vital tool for checking your daily blood glucose levels. To ensure the meter is working properly you can verify the accuracy of the results using a product such as Bayer Contour® Control Solution.

When to do a Control Solution Test

  • If you’re using your meter for the first time.
  • If you’ve opened a new vial of test strips.
  • If your test strips have been left open for an extended length of time.
  • If you’ve dropped or damaged your meter.
  • If for any reason you don’t think your test results are right.

*Make sure to use the control solution designed for your brand of meter, otherwise the results may be inaccurate.

Visit or call 1-855-444-0959 today to learn more or to place an order for Bayer Contour Control Solution. Visit our Web site for additional information on comprehensive diabetes management.