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Fitness Corner: The benefits of stretching


You’ve seen athletes stretch before a game or a run. But it’s not just for athletes. Of particular benefit to people with diabetes, stretching has been proven to increase circulation. It increases blood flow and the supply of nutrients to muscles and cartilage. You can get a great stretch workout by doing pilates or yoga – but stretching is something you can do anytime and anywhere. Read more

Featured Recipe: Granola Pancakes


If you are looking for a tasty and healthy breakfast, give these Granola Pancakes a try! Read more

Oral Care for Diabetics

Good Oral Care for Diabetics

Those who are diabetic or know someone with diabetes understand that there are several complications to be aware of. Taking care of your body is important in the prevention of these complications, such as heart disease, vision impairment, foot problems and even kidney disease. But did you know that being diabetic increases your risk for developing gum disease? Good oral care for diabetics is important in the prevention of complications. Read more

Are you eating these 5 superfoods?


Some foods are little more than fillers – they might taste good, but they don’t provide any of the vitamins and other nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and have energy. But there are several foods that not only pack flavor, but nutrients, too. They’re often called superfoods.

For a simple way to up the nutrients in your diet, try eating more of these superfoods. Read more

Goal Setting for the New Year

As the year comes to a close and the new year is right around the corner, you may start reflecting on 2015. Did you follow through on the health goals you set for yourself in the beginning of the year? Did you reach some obstacles and learn how to overcome them? By answering these questions, you can improve your health in 2016 with new health goals. Take what you have learned in 2015 and apply it to your health goals for the brand new year ahead!

Read more

Nutrition Corner: Cutting Down on Salt


Every day the average American consumes around 3,400 mg of salt, reports the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Yet the recommended salt guidelines for healthy individuals is 2,300 mg per day, less for those with certain health conditions, including high blood pressure and diabetes. Cutting the amount of salt in your diet doesn’t necessarily mean you need to make big changes to your diet. Small changes can make all the difference when it comes to lowering your daily salt intake.

Here are seven tips for trimming the amount of salt in your diet. Read more

Healthy Eating at Holiday Gatherings


Keeping up with healthy eating habits can become a challenge during the holidays. From office parties to home-baked gifts to eating out more frequently, it seems like the calorie count can go up in a hurry. To maintain your weight – and your blood sugar levels – here are some ideas just in time for the holidays! Read more

Featured Recipe: Apple-Raisin Muffins


Try these healthy, delicious muffins! Read more

Travel Tips for the Holidays


Holiday travel can be stressful. We have a few tips that can help put your mind at ease during these busy times. Read more

A Few Year-End Reminders …

As 2015 comes to an end, there are several things to keep in mind when it comes to your medical supplies. Read more